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Dogo Belgrado

Believed to had been developed in Italy, not Yugoslavia, the Dogo Belgrado is reportedly a cross between the Serbian Defense Dog, the harlequin Deutsche Dogge and the Dogo Argentino, but Cane Corsos and American Bulldogs have been suggested as well. Although intended to be another re-creation of the Alaunt, it looks like a much larger short-haired albino Serbian Defense Dog more than anything. Very rare and unrecognized, this mastiff is primarily a property guardian, but is no stranger to the fighting pits. More common outside Serbia, the Dogo Belgrados have supposedly been seen as far away as South America and Australia, where they're also employed as large game hunting dogs, on top of their primary roles.

Large, powerful and territorial, it is said to be able to overpower the intruder in less than 5 seconds. The Dogo Belgrado is extremely aggressive towards strange people and dogs, needing experienced and responsible handling. Skin issues and deafness are common health problems.

The coat is short and thick, coming in a variety of white-based colours, but the so-called Harlequin colouring is preferred. Average height is around 32 inches, but much larger dogs are common.

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