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Entelbuch Cattle Dog

The Entelbucher shares its origins with the Appenzeller, Greater Swiss and Bernese Mountain Dogs of Switzerland, all of which can be traced to dogs brought by Roman soldiers some 2000 years ago. Considered to be the same thing as the Appenzell Cattle Dog in the past, the Entelbucher received separate recognition in 1889. Named after the Entelbuch Valley of Berne and Lucerne regions, the breed was a valued cattle drover, cart-puller and common farm dog for ages, but by the 20th century it became very rare. The Entelbucher was successfully revived alongside other Swiss breeds and the official breed club was formed in 1926, resulting in the first Standard, written in 1927. It remains fairly unknown outside Switzerland to this day, but enjoys great popularity in its homeland.

Playful, friendly and very intelligent, the Entelbuch Cattle Dog is a devoted family pet and makes a good watchdog, due to its alert and protective personality. It can be stubborn at times, but this breed generally responds well to training. The Entelbucher is a muscled, strongly-built and resilient working dog, immenselly powerful for its size. These dogs are usually born bobtailed, although some puppies have been known to have full length tails, which are commonly docked.

The coat is thick, hard and flat, always tricoloured, consisting of clearly defined black, tan and white shades. Average height is around 19 inches.

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