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Georgia Bulldogge

The name of this breed is somewhat misleading, as it was used for more than one variety of American Bulldogs in the past, but this is in fact a fairly recent creation, developed in the United States as yet another reconstruction of the original bull-baiting dogs of the 1800's. Developed by crossing the Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog with modern American Bulldogs of both the Johnson and Scott types, as well as with American Staffordshire Terriers, Olde English Bulldogges and an undisclosed mastiff breed, the Georgia Bulldogge is intended to be primarily a property guardian, hunter and a weight-pulling dog, but also an even-tempered family companion. It is reportedly healthier than the majority of modern bulldogge breeds and types, as well as more trainable and intelligent. Whether these claims are based on actual working tests or are just subjective opinions of the breed creators is unclear as of yet, since the Olde Georgia Bulldogge is still a very rare and unproven breed, with only a small number of representatives in existence.

This is a wide-chested and broad-shouldered dog, with a large head, well-developed jaws and a short muzzle. The body is muscular, with reasonably loose skin and relatively short sturdy legs. The ears of any type except erect are accepted, with the classic "rose" variety being preferred. The tail can be docked or left in its natural state, as long as it isn't the short "screw" type, as associated with the modern English Bulldog breed.

The coat is short, flat and smooth, permissible in all colours except solid blue, black or fawn, with the white-based dogs having darker patches being the most valued. Average height is around 22 inches, although taller dogs are tolerated.

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