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Giant Maso

The Giant Maso is a recently developed breed, still not completely standardized and yet to show its full potential as a working dog. Created by the breeders of English Mastiffs at the Thunderheart Farm in Virginia, the Giant Maso is intended to be a healthier and larger mastiff and family dog, superiour to all others. The future will show whether these plans will come to fruition or not, but for now the Maso Mastiff is slowly gaining acceptance in America. Although the breeds that were used in its creation are kept a secret, the Neapolitan Mastiff and the Cane Corso have been suggested as being crossed with the English Mastiff and the Great Dane, but this hasn't been confirmed.

The Maso is a colossal dog, massive and heavily-boned, but reportedly quite agile and athletic. Said to be intelligent, friendly and loving of children, this calm and well-mannered breed is bred primarily for the role of a companion pet, but is also fairly protective and can make a capable property watchdog.

The coat is short, thick and flat, accepted in yellow, fawn, gray, blue, black and brindle colourings. Average height is around 33 inches, but smaller dogs are fairly common as well.

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