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Golden Pyr

The Golden Pyr is a fairly new creation, slowly gaining popularity as a family pet in the United States. It was developed by crossing the Golden Retriever with the Great Pyrenees, with the intention of creating a large and friendly companion dog, without some health and temperament problems associated with its parent breeds. While this gentle giant is quite attractive, it should be noted that there is no guarantee that it's any healthier than any other breed. Because this cross is fairly common in America, it is safe to assume that not all breedings are a result of mating the best and healthiest specimens of the Great Pyr and Golden Retriever breeds. It is also hard to differentiate accidental and 1st generation crosses from an actual American Golden Pyr breed. Even though it's disregarded as yet another designer dog by some, the Golden Pyr is a very handsome Molosser, with a lovely face, strong body and a wide chest. Reportedly easy to train and tolerant of other dogs, this friendly, affectionate and obedient breed makes a good urban companion.

The coat is rich and dense, coming in white, yellow and fawn shades. Average height is around 26 inches.

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