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Gull Dong

Created in colonial India, the legendary Gull Dong is primarily a bear-baiter, although it is sometimes pitted against other dogs, as well. It shouldn't be confused with the smaller Pakistani Terrier breed, also known as the Gull Terr from which it developed through crosses with Indian Bullterriers and the Bully Kutta fighters. This agile breed is celebrated in India and Pakistan for its speed and tenacity. Smaller than most examples of the Bully Kutta, but much larger than the Indian Bull Terr, the Bullygullterr is usually let loose on a larger bear with the help of at least one more dog, but if the bear isn't too big, one dog will do the job. Like many other breeds of the region, the Gull Dong is also oftentimes wrongly presented as a Bully Kutta in the West.

The Guldung is a muscular and powerful Moloss, strongly built and resilient. Deep-chested and with a massive head, this large bulldogge is a rugged and serious working breed, very dog-aggressive and not suited for the life of an urban companion, due to its sharp temperament and wariness of strangers, although it can be very loyal and devoted to its master. Intelligent and alert, the Bully Gull Terr makes a good watchdog, but it requires responsible handling and proper training.

The coat is short, smooth and flat. The only accepted colour for the Gull Dong has traditionally been uniform white, but today other colourings exist as well. Average height is around 27 inches.

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