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Hermes Bulldogge

The largest of the original English Bulldogge re-creations, the Hermes Bulldogge has been bred by the American Hermes family for three generations. Inspired by the ancient Roman arena dogs, Greg and Linda Hermes set out to breed their impressive giants to be healthy, resilient, smart and agile, in an attempt to revive the old bulldogs of the 17th century. A number of undisclosed breeds were used in the programme, although American Bulldogs, English Mastiffs, Pit Bull Terriers and Olde English Bulldogges have been suggested as the key ingredients.

The Hermes Bulldogge is generally a friendly, playful and even-tempered breed, suitable for life of a family companion, while being territorial enough to act as a good property guardian and retaining a strong prey-drive, reportedly making it a fine hunting dog as well. This massive breed has a large head, wide chest and a strongly boned body, with sturdy legs and broad shoulders. The tail can be docked, but the ears are left unaltered.

The mighty Hermes Bulldogge comes in a variety of colours and there is no upper height limit. They can reach over 140 pounds in weight and over 25 inches in height.

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