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Hungarian Greyhound - Magyar Agar

Relatively unknown outside Hungary and Romania, the calm and intelligent Magyar Agar is descended from early herding dogs like the Kuvasz and working sighthounds of Asian heritage, such as the Saluki, Azawakh, Transylvanian Hound and English Greyhound, among others. This ancient breed has traditionally been used as a racing dog, large game hunter and also for the sport of hare coursing, the roles it successfully maintains to this day.

Quiet, friendly and trainable, the Hungarian Greyhound makes an excellent pet, although its tendency to chase may sometimes prove troublesome in urban surroundings. Lightly built and muscular, this is a very fast and athletic breed.

The short smooth coat gets longer in the wintertime and is usually white with patches of various darker shades. Average height is around 27 inches.

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