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Indian Alangu Mastiff

Developed in the Thanjavur area of Southern India by crossing the Sindh Mastiff with the Alangu Hound, this rare breed is primarily a property guardian and large game hunter, although it is occasionally used as a fighting dog. Believed to had existed since ancient times when it was employed as a war dog by the Persian army, the Alangu Mastiff is presently nearing extinction, partly due to the assimilation into the modern Sindh Mastiff breed and certain strains of the Bully Kutta in Pakistan, but also because of its ferocious nature and numerous health problems. Only 20 of these dogs are said to exist in India today, only a small percentage of them believed to be pure.

Also known as the Sindh Hound and the South-Indian Mastiff, the breed has two main types, one being a fairly lean and smooth-coated Molosser, while the other variety is a slightly thicker rough-coated dog, with crosses between these types commonly seen as well. This is a tall and powerful dog, with a muscular body, long legs, a deep chest and a moderately long neck. The head is round, with a strong muzzle and small, dark eyes. The ears are sometimes cropped, but when left in their natural state, they can be either fully pricked, semi-erect or drop in type, with no preference.

Regardless of coat type, the Alangu Mastiff comes in solid shades of fawn, brown, red, wheaten, grey, brindle and white. Average height is around 30 inches, although taller examples exist.

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