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Indian Boarhound

The Rajapalayam is an ancient Indian Molosser, believed by some to be one of the progenitors of the legendary Alaunt and a remote ancestor of a variety of breeds, such as the Dalmatian, the Great Dane and the Alano, among others. Traditionally employed to hunt wild boars, hares and other game found in India, the Rajapalayam Hound was also used as a war dog, sent to attack the British cavalry during the Carnatian conflicts. Much larger and more ferocious in the past, the modern incarnation of the Rajapalayam is being bred for frendlier disposition and smaller size, resembling a lighter Dogo Argentino or as it is sometimes described as, a miniaturized Deutsche Dogge.

Native to Rajapalayam, Kerela and Tamil Nadu, this rugged hound is still fairly numerous in India, often kept as a watchdog and companion pet, commonly seen competing in local Dog Shows. Calm, trainable and loyal, the Rajapalayam is a reliable family dog, but can be confrontational around strange dogs if not socialized properly. Lean, deep-chested and leggy, this breed is very resilient and reportedly tireless when working. Its skin is tighter on the body, but somewhat loose on the neck and head, with some wrinkling accepted.

The short coat is smooth and flat, most valued in uniform white or spotted Harlequin colourings, but quite common in other shades, like fawn, red, silver and black. The nose is either the same colour as the coat or pink in white dogs. Average height is around 27 inches with some rare specimen standing over 30 inches.

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