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Kanda Bulldogge

Developed in Pakistan, the rare Kanda Bulldogge is yet another breed created by using the mighty Bully Kutta as its foundation. This is a relatively unknown Molosser, seen by some as simply a strain of the Gull Terr breed. By crossing Bully Kuttas, Gull Terrs and other fighting breeds of the region, the creators of the Kanda managed to develop a very agile and athletic working dog, with great tenacity, prey-drive and stamina. Primarily a "sport" breed, this resilient mastiff also makes a capable property guardian, thanks to its highly territorial and protective personality. The Kanda Bulldogge is a muscular, wide-chested and strong-legged Moloss.

The coat is short and smooth, usually white with darker patches, but also found in other colourings. Average height is around 28 inches.

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