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Keeping Large Dogs Cool in Summer

Keeping large dogs during hot months is crucial for their well-being. Here are some practical tips to ensure your furry companions stay comfortable: 

Provide Ample Water: 

  • Make sure your dog has access to fresh, cool water at all times. Consider using a large, spill-proof water bowl. 
  • If you have a working freezer, create cold treats like frozen chew toys or dog-safe ice pops to keep them hydrated. 

Seek Shade and Stay Indoors: 

  • Dogs are susceptible to heat, especially those with thick fur coats. Shade is essential. 
  • If your air conditioning fails on an exceptionally hot day, find the coolest area in your house (like the basement) and stay there. 
  • If possible, seek refuge at a friend's house until your air conditioning is restored. 

Cooling Supplies: 

  • Be prepared with dog cooling supplies: 
  • Battery-operated fan: Provides additional airflow. 
  • Cool cloths made of chamois: These can be placed on your dog's back without getting them too wet. 
  • Cooling vest: Helps deflect heat and cools through evaporation. 
  • Cooling crate pad or wet towel: Place it where your dog can lie down. 
  • Rubbing alcohol: Dab behind their ears, on their stomach, or paws for faster cooling. 

Paw Care: 

  • Dogs release heat through their paw pads. Encourage them to stand on a damp towel to help cool down. 
  • Avoid putting anything ice-cold directly on your dog, as it can shrink blood vessels and generate more internal heat. 
  • Recognize Signs of Overheating: 
  • Heavy panting, excessive drooling, weakness, and vomiting are signs of heatstroke. 
  • Act promptly if you notice any of these symptoms. 

Water Activities: 

  • Set up a sprinkler or a dog pool in your backyard for water play. 
  • Take more frequent breaks during walks on hot days. 
  • Avoid Hot Pavement: 
  • Asphalt and concrete can become scorching. Walk your dog during cooler hours or on grassy surfaces. 

Remember, dogs rely on us to keep them safe and comfortable. By following these guidelines, you'll help your large dogs beat the heat and enjoy the summer! 🐾🌞 


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Comments (5)
    • Yes, relating symbiotically to your dog(s) is our duty to promote good canine family members indeed.

      • The most important thing is to ensure that you pay attention to your dog(s) during the hot weather. What for signs of fatigue, labored breathing, excessive water drinking etc and take action to ensure they are cooled down. Be aware of your furry friends!

        • I love this. We all need to remember these things. Our dogs depend on us for everything. It may not seem that hot to us. But to a dog it can be extremely hot. Pay attention to the sign. Prepare to address the heat without the signs.

          • Today's heat index in South Texas will be 112 F or 44.44 C for our international readers. Out Caucasian will go into the cool shed when she is ready. It is maintained at a nice 69 F so she stay cool.

            • This is great advice for any size breed.

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