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King Doberman

This is considered a separate breed by the German Dobermann purists, who seem to hate it as much as they do the White Dobermann variant. This is basically an oversized American-bred Dobie, although it has been suggested to have some Deutsche Dogge and Greyhound blood in its veins. Not nearly as agile as the German Dobermann breed, the King Doberman is much heavier and slower. Its intimidating stature is obviously a popular selling point in the United States, but certain health issues are also being noticed. The head is strong, with a long muzzle and a well-muscled neck. The tail is usually docked, while the ears may be left unaltered or cropped.

The coat is short, smooth and flat. This giant comes in all the Dobermann colours, including the horrid albino variant mentioned above. The average height is around 31 inches.

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