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Kohati Bulldog

This powerful working breed was developed in the Kohat region from Indian and Pakistani fighting and baiting dogs, as well as some Western dogges. The Kohati Bulldog is considered by many to be just a regional variant of the Bully Kutta, but some fanciers believe that it is also related to the Sage Kooche dogs of Afghanistan. Unlike the Bully Kutta, Bull Terr, Gull Dong and other fighting and bear-baiting breeds of the area, the Kohati Bully is primarily a hunting dog and a property guardian. However, it is occasionally used for fighting duties as well, although this Molosser is reportedly not as aggressive as its relatives and is easier to train and handle.

In appearance similar to the Bully Kutta, this short-coated breed tends to be a bit smaller and leaner in comparison, coming in a variety of colours, most commonly white with some darker patches or black with white markings. The average height is around 27 inches, but taller dogs exist.

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