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Korean Too-Kyun Fighting Dog

This is regarded as just a strain of the Japanese Tosa breed that was developed in Korea and Taiwan as a dog-fighter. Sharing the same early history with the Tosa, the Too-Kyun Fighting Dog was created from the similar stock of European and Asian breeds, but was never as standardized in terms of size and overall appearance until the last decade of the 20th century. This is primarily a fighting breed, but can also make a good property guardian. While it is related to the Korean Mee-Kyun Dosa Mastiff, this is a very different dog, both in appearance and personality.

The Too-Kyun Tosa is said to be an extremely vicious mastiff, nearly impossible to train and not at all suited for companion life, but this opinion is based on the working fighting specimens and surely doesn't apply to every single breed representative. Unfortunately, the majority of these dogs are owned by the "sport" enthusiasts in Korea and Taiwan, so not many Too-Kyun Dosas have had a chance to prove themselves as companion animals. Not as heavy as the "beauty" Dosa, this breed also lacks the wrinkled skin of its cousin. Wide-chested, muscular and agile, the Korean Too-Kyun Fighting Dog is a powerful and athletic mastiff. The head is large and wide, with well-developed jaws and a strong neck with moderate dewlaps.

The short, hard coat comes in a variety of colours, but is preferred in fawn, red or black. The height can vary greatly, but most dogs are around 26 inches tall.

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