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Lakota Mastino

Not so much a re-creation of the old Cane e Presa Italiano as it is an attempt to develop a superiour strain of working bandogges, the mighty Lakota Mastino was created in the early 1990's by Jonothan Shiloka, who used game-bred American Pit Bulls, working strains of the Neapolitan Mastiff, Bandogges, as well as the Cane Corso in the beginning of his programme. After abandoning the idea of using the Cane Corso due to unsatisfactory results, the creator of the Lakota Mastino decided to focus on using only the best and proven lines of working protection dogges, successfully establishing a bloodline that posessed a superb drive, steady temperament, good health and remarkable agility and trainability. With strict breeding guidelines, rigid quality control, regular temperament and health testing, Shiloka is ensuring that the Lakota Mastino lives up to his expectations and establishes itself as one the most reliable protection breeds in the world. This is a large and strong dog, lighter and more agile than the modern Neo and more powerful than most bulldogges. The most important characteristic of the Lakota Mastino is its stable temperament. Driven, energetic and very intelligent, this courageous breed is highly trainable and it excells in sports such as Personal Protection, Weight-Pull, Mondio Ring and similar activities.

As a property guardian, the Lakota Mastino is a calm, calculated and intuitive watchdog, but when it feels threatened and needs to protect its territory and master's family from an intruder, this mastiff becomes an intimidating and convincing guard dog, more than willing to back up its threats with swift and precise actions. Although it can be quite aggressive and unfriendly when needed, the Lakota Mastino is a very stable and noble breed, making a wonderful family companion, gentle with children and completely devoted to its owner. This is a smart and calm mastiff, choosing its battles carefully and reacting only when necessary, but early socialization and proper training are still very important, as is responsible handling, because the Lakota Mastino can sometimes be confrontational around strange dogs. Fairly playful and loving of its human family, the Lakota Mastino requires plenty of excercise and enjoys attention. When raised with other dogs and small animals from puppyhood, this handsome breed will accept them as part of its pack and be very protective of them.

The body is well-boned and muscular, with a wide chest, straight back and powerful neck. The head is large and elegantly rounded, with a moderately long muzzle, well-defined stop and strong jaws. Whether cropped or left natural, the ears are set high on the head. The legs are strong and sturdy, making the breed an excellent runner, capable of being active for long periods of time. The tail is set high, fairly thick at the root while slightly tapering to its tip and can be either docked or left in its natural state.

The Lakota Mastino has a short dense coat, allowed in any colour, including fawn, brown and red, but preferred in darker shades, such as black, blue and brindle colourings, with or without small white markings. Average height is around 27 inches.

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