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Lottatore Brindisino

This modern fighting breed was developed by crossing Cane Corsos, Rottweilers and Pit Bulls in Brindisi, Italy. A fairly recent creation, this dog hasn't been standardized or recognized anywhere and outcrosses are still quite common. Some Mastino Napolitano influence can reportedly be seen in certain bloodlines, but the majority of such dogs tend to be overall larger than the typical representatives of the breed.

The Cane Lottatore Brindisino is fairly unknown outside of its homeland, where it is closely associated with the regional Mafia of Brindisi and is prized by the Albanian and Gypsy criminals, who are believed to had originally established the breed in Italy from a number of proven fighting champions belonging to the world famous stock of American Pit Bull Terriers from Yugoslavia brought into the country by Albanian smugglers. The breed is quickly becoming a popular "sport" contestant and property guardian throughout southern Italy, but hasn't yet made a significant impact on Molosser fanciers in other parts of the country and is generally disregarded as being just another fighting mongrel by most dog lovers in Europe.

Said to be extremely vicious and hard to control, the Brindisi Wrestler Dog is not suited for the life of a family companion. This is a highly driven breed, in need of plentiful exercise, early socialization and responsible handling. Although loyal to its owner, the Cane Lottatore Brindisino is naturally aloof with strangers and very aggressive towards other dogs.

Some examples are quite handsome, but this working dog isn't bred for any specific appearance. Resembling larger Pit Bulls and Bandogges, this Italian gladiator has a wide chest, broad shoulders and a muscular body, with strong legs, a powerful neck and a large head, which can be of any type. The nose can be black, blue or red, without any preference. The tail and ears are usually cropped for fighting specimens, but dogs left in their natural state can be found as well.

The coat is short and dense, coming in all colors. Average height is around 22 inches, but larger dogs exist.

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