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Majorca Sheepdog

Developed by shepherds on the Balearic Islands from numerous European breeds, including some Castillian herders, as well as local dogs, the Ca de Bestiar is an independant and tenacious working breed. Used for guarding livestock and property, it was also a popular fighting dog. This rugged Molosser used to be heavier and more aggressive in the past, due to common crossings with the original variety of the legendary Ca de Bou. The modern Majorca Sheepdog is a leaner breed and it posesses a sharp, but much calmer temperament than its ancestors. Its seemingly unsophisticated appearance is a result of breeding for work and not visual appeal. Somewhat resembling a black Laboreiro Dog or a lean and tall Labrador, this is a very agile worker and fast runner, valued for its resilience and great stamina.

The Majorca Shepherd Dog is a very intelligent and trainable breed, equaly adept at both herding and guarding duties, making it an excellent service dog. Devoted to its owner and gentle with children, this breed is a good family companion. With proper socialization, the Majorca Sheepdog can make an amenable urban pet. It can be unfriendly towards other dogs and suspicious of strange people, but the modern Ca de Bestiar is not at all a vicious dog. It is simply very protective of its territory and committed only to its master and human family. The body is strong and muscular, with long legs and a powerful neck.

Its coat comes in two varieties, the shorthaired Pelo Corto and longhaired Pelo Largo types, today preferred solid black in colour, even though there was a brindled variety to be found in the past. The average height is around 27 inches.

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