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The Majorero is an old Spanish working breed, indigeneous to the Fuerteventura Island and known for its fierce personality and aggressive nature. Mistakingly reported as extinct, the Majorero can still be found in sufficient numbers in its homeland, where it is still valued as a hunter, fighter and livestock control dog. There is some confusion concerning its heritage and some authorities even believe that the Bardino Majorero and the Perro de Ganado Majorero aren't the same breed, but this hasn't been proven. Most Majorero fanciers acknowledge the existance of various bloodlines, but maintain that these are just specialized strains of the same breed. Other than being separated by their fighting, hunting and farm work bloodlines, all Majoreros are judged by the same appearance standards, which allow a great variety of looks, from lean and athletic dogs to those that are quite massive and a bit taller.

The Majorero is very suspicious of strangers and makes an excellent watchdog. This breed doesn't get along with other dogs and will seek out trouble whenever it can. Tolerant only of its master and extremely protective of its territory, the Majorero is best suited for rural environments. This is a well-boned breed, with a muscular neck and strong legs. Intelligent, athletic and resilient, it is a very good all-around working Molosser.

The medium-short coat is thick and harsh, most common as a very dark brindle, with some white markings allowed. Average height is around 23 inches.

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