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Marshall Watchdog

The Marshall Watchdog is a recent reconstruction of the old Thuringin butcher dogs from which the German Bullenbeisser breeds and the modern Rottweiler are believed to had developed from. Not to be confused with the modern German Bulldogge, the Marshall Watchdog was developed in England by James E. Marshall from Rottweilers, Olde English Bulldogges, Boxers and American Pit Bull Terriers. By breeding for desired colours, head type and size, Marshall succeeded in establishing a consistent physical type, but admitedly failed to create an even-tempered and reliable working breed.

The Marshall Watchdog is a stubborn and aloof bulldog, loving of its owners, but unfriendly towards strangers and extremely dog-aggressive. Territorial and protective, it makes a good property guardian, but posesses an unstable temperament and is difficult to train and control. The breed creator and his associates are currently working on improving the Marshall Watchdog's personality and trainability, but aren't disclosing which dogs are being introduced into its bloodline. Big-headed, wide-chested and muscular, this is a good looking Molosser, but isn't particularly driven or agile. The tail can be either docked or left natural.

The short coat is thick and flat, allowed only in black-n-tan, brown-n-tan and brindle colourings, with small white markings accepted on the chest and feet.

Average height is around 24 inches.

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