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Masterson Bulldogge

This powerful breed was developed by a hunting enthusiast named Andrew Masterson in the early 1990's, who crossed his working American Bulldogs with Pit Bull Terriers, Black Mouth Curs, Bullmastiffs and a crossbred fighting dog that he purchased while vacationing in Mexico. Through careful selection and breeding, Masterson created a strong, resilient and highly driven mastiff, reportedly of superb health and intelligence. Territorial, aloof and intuitive, the Masterson Bulldogge makes an excellent property guardian, but is primarily used for hunting wild boars, badgers, foxes and racoons.

Although well-mannered when raised and socialized properly, this breed is very dog-aggressive and requires experienced handling. The Masterson Bulldogge is a devoted family dog and responds very well to obedience training. The body is squarely built and muscular, with a strong neck and wide head. The ears are left unaltered and the tail can be docked or left natural.

The short coat is flat and hard, accepted in all colours, mostly white-based with patches of darker shades. Average height is around 24 inches.

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