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Miniature Boxer

The name of this recent creation is misleading, because the Miniature Boxer doesn't contain any Boxer blood at all. It was developed in America by crossing Pugs with smaller specimens sometimes found within the Rat Terrier breed. A tenacious small game hunter and vermin killer, the Miniature Boxer is also a playful and devoted family companion. However, it has a strong prey-drive, needing early socialization and training to control its tendency to chase small animals. When raised properly, the Mini-Boxer is tolerant of other dogs and can live in a multiple pet household. Although it is a small breed, this feisty dog is quite territorial and alert, making a good watchdog. The Pugrat requires plenty of excercise and prefers an active lifestyle. Its willingness to learn and please its owner make this intelligent breed easy to train, but some examples can be fairly stubborn. The Miniature Boxer is gentle with children and pleasant around familiar people, but it can sometimes be unfriendly towards strange dogs. The body is well-muscled, with a strong neck and sturdy legs.

The coat is short, smooth and flat, either black, fawn or brindle in colour, usually with a dark mask on the head and with some white markings allowed. Average height is around 12 inches.

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