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Miniature Bulldog

Although small English Bulldog specimens existed for centuries, the Miniature Bulldog was officially developed in America during the 1980's as a separate breed. Immediately popular, the Miniature English Bulldog has been bred for companion life ever since and the breed registry was formed in 1995, ensuring responsible breeding and marketing practices.

Unfortunately, some crosses between the English Bulldog and the Pug or the Bouledogue Francais are being marketed as Miniature Bulldogs today, creating quite a bit of confusion. In order to secure a purebred Miniature English Bulldog puppy, potential buyers should always consult the official breed registry. Apart from its size, this lovely family dog is identical to the modern English Bulldog, but is reportedly healthier and more alert. Active, friendly and trainable, the Miniature Bulldog is a devoted and playful pet. Same conformation standards are applied to the Mini as they are to the standard English Bulldog, except for height limitations.

The short, flat coat comes in all typical Bulldog colours.

Average height is around 12 inches.

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