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Miniature Bullmastiff

This lovely companion dog was developed by crossing the smaller specimens of the Bullmastiff breed with the English Bulldog and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Intended to be a re-creation of the old British working guardian crosses which eventually resulted in the modern Bullmastiff breed, this medium-sized bully is similar in shape and size to some Olde English Bulldogge specimens. The Miniature Bullmastiff is a misnomer, because this bandog is not a toy breed at all. This is a very agile and athletic dog, squarely built, well-boned and muscular.

Healthy, smart and playful, it makes a good family pet. Generally friendly and even-tempered, the Miniature Bullmastiff can sometimes be confrontational around other dogs.

The short coat is flat, dense and smooth, valued in solid fawn shades, but common in a variety of colourings. Specimens under 20 inches are preferred and the average height is around 17 inches at the withers.

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