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Miniature Bullterrier

For a long time not separated from the standard English Bullterrier with whom it shares its early history, the Miniature Bullterrier is a result of selective breeding done in the 1930's. It should be noted that the official history states that the breed wasn't developed through crossing the Bullterrier with other miniature breeds, as some believe, but was instead supposedly established through breeding only the smallest dogs found in pure Bullterrier litters of the previous decades. A consistent stock of miniature dogs was presented by 1940 and its separate recognition was finally granted in Britain, although elsewhere it is still seen as the Bullterrier, due to loose standards regarding size.

The Miniature Bullterrier has a compact body, with a strong back and wide chest. Very fast and agile, this lively small breed needs a lot of exercise, but makes a good urban pet, due to its size and intelligence. It is a loving and playful companion, although it requires a reasonable amount of socialization and training. Unfortunately, the breed's health has been a concern for its breeders and fanciers for many years. Said to be more terrier-like in nature than the standard Bully, this is a feisty little dog, reportedly not good with small children and somewhat unfriendly towards other dogs. Other than size and temperament, it follows the basic outlines of the Bullterrier standard.

The coat is short and smooth, coming in all bully colours. The average size is around 12 inches.

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