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Mioritic Sheepdog

One of the three recognized livestock guarding and herding breeds of Rumania, the Mioritic Sheepdog is a reliable and valued worker. Named after the Mioritic region of the Carpathian mountains, this old herder was reportedly developed from Bukovina Sheepdogs, Hutsul Dogs, Bosnian Baraks, South-Russian Ovcharkas and a number of other bearded breeds of Eastern Europe centuries ago, with the most prized modern bloodlines coming from Moldavia. However, some fanciers believe that it is a naturally developed indigenous breed, without any influence of non-Romanian dogs, being a result of selective breeding of bearded (undesired) examples of other LGD breeds from the region. Dogs of this variety have been around in Romania since ancient times, but no efforts were made to establish it as a recognized Romanian breed until recently. Much older than the Carpatin, but not as old as the Bukovinac, the Mioritic Sheepdog is still very common and it remains a valued working breed in its homeland, as well as an increasingly popular Show contestant.

Courageous, protective and alert, it is an excellent flock guardian, wolf-killer and property watchdog. The Mioritic Sheepdog can be unfriendly towards other dogs and needs proper socialization from an early age. This is a smart and trainable bearded mastiff, completely devoted to its owner, making an amenable family companion. Tall and massive, it is better suited for rural environments, but can be happy living in a city if provided with appropriate amounts of excercise. The Mioritic is a powerful working dogs, with a large head, broad shoulders and a reasonably wide, deep chest. In the past, some shepherds used to crop and dock their dogs, but the majorty of examples today are unaltered. The nose must be black, as do the eyerims and lips.

The long coat is harsh, thick and wavy, commonly found in lighter pastel colourings ranging from white to gray, often with darker patches. Average height is around 28 inches, but larger dogs exist.

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