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Nagi Bulldogge

The Nagi Bulldogge is incorrectly considered by some to be just a strain of the Bully Kutta, which was one of the breeds used as the foundation of its creation. Developed by crossing Pakistani Boarhounds, Bully Kuttas, Tazi Greyhounds and local hunting dogs, the Nagi is a powerful and athletic large game hunter and watchdog. Resilient, serious and highly driven, this rugged Molosser is an excellent worker, valued for its speed and stamina. The Nagi Bulldogge is fairly aggressive towards other dogs and suspicious of strangers, needing early socialization and training. Long-legged, muscular and deep-chested, this is a light, but immensely strong mastiff.

The coat is short, dense and smooth, preferred in brindle colourings, but sometimes also seen in other shades. Average height is around 30 inches.

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