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Northwoods Bulldog

Sometimes referred to as a strain of the Colorado Bulldog breed, the rugged worker known as the Northwoods Bulldog is a result of a separate programme and while sharing similar ancestry with the aforementioned creation from Colorado, it was actually developed in the American north, specifically the states of Michigan, Wisconsin and Minessota. The most prominent "Neillsville" bloodline hails from Wisconsin, having been established by Adam Lattimer, who is seen as the breed originator by most fanciers of the Northwoods Bulldogge. The breeds used in the creation of this American protection, hunting and sport dog were the American Pit Bull Terrier and selected working strains of the American Bulldog. Closer to a APBT than the AB by design, the breed is also known as the Northwoods Bullterrier or Colorado Pit Bulldog in some circles, due to its smaller size and great tenacity. Registered by the N.A.D.S.R. organization since 2004, the Northwoods Bulldog is fairly uniform in appearance, even though occasional outcrossing to the APBT is allowed.

Loyal, driven, trainable and territorial, the Northwoods Bulldog is an excellent property guardian and farm dog, as well as a capable hog hunter and Weight-Pull contender. Due to its somewhat unfriendly attitude towards strangers and confrontational nature around other dogs, it requires a great deal of socialization, but the breed makes a good family companion, especially in rural areas. This is a well-muscled and lean dog, with broad shoulders, a deep chest and a reasonably wide head. The muzzle is strong, with a powerful bite and well-defined cheek muscles. The nose can be black, brown or pink. The ears and tail are left in their natural state, but working examples with cropped ears can be seen on occasion.

The coat is short, flat and smooth, common in all shades, with the uniform brindle and white-based colourings being most popular. Much smaller than the aforementioned Colorado Bulldog, the Northwoods Bullterrier rarely exceeds 22 inches in height.

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