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Old Istrian Boarhound

Believed to had been developed in Roman times and refined in the Middle Ages, the Old Istrian Boarhound is most likely descended from the Italian mastiffs crossed with various hounds of the Balkans and then influenced by the Metchkar, but some believe it to be an early variety of the Alaunt established in the region. This powerful worker was used for hunting wild boars and other large game, but it also made an excellent property guardian and fighting dog. Its popularity was steadily declining over the ages in favour of other hunting dogs, such as the smaller and faster Posavac Hound and by the 20th century only a handful of Istrian Mastiffs survived, only to vanish during the 1st World War.

The ferocious Veprash is considered extinct today and has been largely forgotten, even in its homeland. These hounds were reportedly very aggressive and difficult to handle in the heat of the hunt, explaining their eventual demise. However, the future might hold hope for a revival programme. Massive, large-headed and with moderately loose skin, this Molosser resembled a heavier Cane Corso or a smaller Bully Kutta.

The coat was short and either red or black in colour, always with white markings. Average height was around 26 inches.

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