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Olde Boston Bulldogge

Originating in the 1800's as a result of crossing the baiting and fighting bulldogs and bullterriers, the Old Boston Bull is the ancestor of the modern Boston Terrier and is mistakenly regarded as the same breed by some fanciers, even though there are obvious differences, like the size, temperament and a greater variety of colouring. The Boston Bulldogge was used for the ever-popular sport of dog-fighting, as well as property guarding, while the miniaturized Boston Terrier became a fashionable companion breed. Initially going under the name of American Bull Terrier, the Boston Bull was popular with the working class Bostonians, but it became very rare during the 20th century.

Contrary to the belief of some authorities, the Old Boston Bulldogge is not extinct. It can still be found in certain parts of Massachusetts and of course around and within the city of Boston. Intelligent and trainable, the Boston Bull makes a good family pet, but it needs careful handling around other dogs.

The coat is short and dense and, unlike the Boston Terrier, the Old Boston Bulldogge comes in a variety of colours.

Average height is around 21 inches.

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