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Olde Irish Bulldogge

Not an Irish breed at all, this re-creation of the original Irish Bulldog was actually developed in America by crossing the imported "throwback" Irish farm bulldogges with the red-nosed American Pit Bull Terriers, Olde English Bulldogges, Stafforshire Bull Terriers, German Boxers, Olde Boston Bulldogges and a few other undisclosed bully breeds in the late 1990's. By combining the power, appearance and drive of the parent breeds, the creators of the Olde Irish Red Bulldogge established an agile and resilient working dog, which they believe to be a successful re-creation of the legendary red dogs of Ireland.

The Olde Irish Red is intended to be a family companion and protector, as well as a tenacious hunting dog. Territorial and alert, it is reportedly easy to train and makes a very good watchdog. Eneregetic and playful, it is said to be a good pet, but the Olde Irish Red Bulldogge requires a lot of exercise and likes to play rough, making it better suited for homes with older children. Dog-aggression is not a desired trait, but some examples can be confrontational. The Olde Irish Bulldogge has a fairly set type, but there is still some variety in appearance among individual examples. The head is wide and round, with a powerful muzzle and defined jaws. The neck is short and muscled. Broad-shouldered and wide-chested, the Old Red is an impressive bully, not unlike the original Irish Bulldog. The ears are left unaltered, but the tail can be either docked or left in its natural state. The nose can be either red or black, with the red-nosed variety being preferred.

The coat is short and flat, accepted in all shades of red, with minimal white markings allowed. Average height is around 20 inches.

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    • this bloodline is rather a so-called reviving like so many other so-called extinct races that some so-called breeders vocalize to revive said extinct races while its existence of more than 300 years is not registered or rather non-standard because must be black nose because requires bloodline black nose in bull terrier for its so-called official standard, one of the badly registered official breeds

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