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Ori Pei

The Ori Pei is an American creation, developed by Aaron Silver in the 1970's by crossing his Shar Pei dogs with the Pug, although some other breeds have been suggested as well. The result was a healthier and more demostrative companion breed compared to the aloof Chinese Shar Pei. This affectionate and intelligent breed has been standardized and recognized, enjoying moderate popularity as a family pet in America. The Ori Pei is smaller than a Shar Pei, but is also reportedly much more agile, energetic and trainable.

The skin isn't as wrinkled and the coat comes in two types, the long/soft "Brush" and short/harsh "Horse" variants. Most commonly seen in solid fawn shades, the Ori Pei is accepted in all colours. The average height is around 13 inches.

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