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Pakistani Boarhound

Even though there have been many local strains of hunting dogs in Pakistan for centuries, the breed presently known as the Pakistani Boarhound is a relatively new creation. Developed by crossing the legendary Tazi hounds with the Gull Terr, the Pakistani Boarhound is an extremely fast and prey-driven large game hunter. Leaner and lighter than the fighting dogs of the region and much more powerful than any greyhound, this is a very agile and resilient hunting breed. Still rare and unrecognized, this impressive working dog is slowly gaining acceptance and becoming known both in Pakistan and outside its native borders.

The Pakistani Boarhound can be unfriendly towards strange dogs, but isn't as nearly as aggressive as the Bully Kutta, Gull Terr and other "sport" breeds of the area. Because this is primarily a working strain, a variety of appearances still exist, from examples that are more hound-like in features to the dogs that belong to the bully type. Some specimens have erect ears and longer coats, but the majority of Pakistani Boarhounds are shorthaired, with drop or semi-pricked high-set ears. The tail can be both docked or left natural. The breed might become more uniformed and perhaps even standardized in the future, but for now there is no officially set type. The body is strong-boned, long-legged and well-muscled.

The coat is dense and hard, coming in a variety of colourings, mostly light and dark brindle, often with white markings. Average height is around 29 inches.

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