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Perro Pampa

The Perro Pampa name was originally used for wild dogs of South America, in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay in particular. The modern bully breed bearing this name was developed for hunting and fighting purposes in the first half of the 20th century. There are reportedly two Perro Pampa variants, the Perro Pampa Argentino and the very rare Perro Pampa Paraguayo, but most fanciers see these as types of the same breed. The Perro Pampa Argentino was created by crossing the Dogo Argentino with Rottweilers and Pit Bulls, while the Paraguayan variant was developed from actual native wild dogs crossed with the modern Perro Cimarron of Uruguay and the Cordoba Fighting Dog. Crosses between the Paraguayan and Argentinian Perro Pampa dogs are supposedly very common, effectively creating a single breed.

Said to be commonly found around Buenos Aires, the Perro Pampa is slowly gaining popularity as a fighting dog, as well as a property guardian. Aggressive, territorial and powerful, this breed needs firm and experienced handling. These rugged dogs are very muscular and agile, their physical built depending on the bloodline they are descended from. Specimens with a stronger influence of native wild dogs will be leaner and smaller, while their westernized counterparts are generally more massive and taller.

The coat is moderately short and dense, coming in a variety of colours, with regional preferrences ranging from white-based dogs to dark brindles and black-n-tan specimens. Average height is around 23 inches, although smaller examples exist.

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