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Qatar Watchdog

This rare breed from Qatar was initially developed as a property guardian by crossing German Shepherd Dogs and Rottweilers with a number of Arab and Central Asian breeds, but today's incarnation of the Qatar Watchdog is reportedly a result of introducing some fighting breeds into its bloodline, most notably dogs brought to the country by the Pakistani and Afghanistani nationals. Still not fully standardized and far from being recognized, the Qatar Watchdog is slowly gaining popularity as a protection and fighting dog.

This is a very territorial and alert breed, fairly easy to train, but not as demonstrative as some of its ancestors. Large-headed, wide-chested and muscular, this is an impressive and powerful Molosser. The ears are usually cropped for fighting purposes, although those examples that are employed as common property guardians have only their tails docked.

There is very little information on this breed, apart from the medium-length coat being most common in fawn, red and brown shades, but accepted in any color, except for uniform black.

Average height is around 26 inches, but much larger dogs are preferred.

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