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Roth Cattledog

This is a recent creation, developed by Arnold Roth in America, who basically wanted a white-coated Rottweiler. By crossing his Rottweilers with American Bulldogs and selecting only the white-coloured puppies for his breeding programme, Roth established an initial line of cattledogs for his farm, but due to a variety of physical appearances he resorted to inbreeding in order to make the breed more uniform in type. Although the appearance has been loosely set, the Roth Cattledog carries a number of health issues thanks to its limited gene pool. A number of dogs have kidney and skin problems, as well as some of them being deaf and visually impaired. Unfortunately, the breed creator is admittedly more pleased with the appearance and drive of his dogs, than he is concerned with their health. As working dogs, Roth Cattledogs are committed herders and guardians, as well as being good watchdogs and property protectors.

This is a fairly stubborn, but trainable breed, in need of early socialization and firm handling. Said to be a good family companion, the Roth Cattledog is gentle with children and friendly with familiar people, but aloof with strangers and aggressive towards other dogs. It is a wide-chested and muscular dog, with a squarely built body and a fairly large head. The Roth Cattledog has strong legs, broad shoulders and a straight back. The tail is docked, with the ears left unaltered. Blue-eyed dogs are common, as are the examples with insufficient nose pigment.

The hard coat is medium-short, thick and densely undercoated, coming in a variety of white-based colourings, preferably uniform white or with small markings of fawn, orange, red, brown, brindle, grey, blue or black shades. Average height is around 25 inches.

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