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Russian Bullterrier

The rare Russian Bullterrier was developed in the late 1980's, at first by crossing Staffordshire Bull Terriers with English Bulldogs, but soon American Pit Bull Terriers, Cane Corsos, Presa Canarios, Rottweilers and Bandogges were introduced to its bloodline. An interesting fact concerning this breed is that it was created in America, not Russia. Initially an attempt to re-create a specific type of the old Russian Mordashka breed, the Russian Bullterrier quickly gained interest of some Russian immigrants and bulldogge fanciers in America. Some dogs were even taken to Europe, where the breed enjoyed modest popularity for a few years. Unfortunately, it also became popular among the criminals and dog-fighting enthusiasts. The original breeders gave up on this re-creation, leaving the future of the Russian Bullterrier in the hands of the mobsters.

Today, this is considered to be just another Bandog, or a strain of Pit Bulls. Said to be "killer dogs", the present-day specimens are extremely aggressive towards strange dogs and people. There is a variety of types among the Russian Bullterrier, depending on the individual breeder's idea of perfection, but they all have very strong, muscular bodies with fairly broad heads, slighthly elongated muzzles and powerful necks. The ears are cropped and the tail is docked.

The coat is short and flat, coming in all solid colours with white markings. Average height is around 24 inches.

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