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Spanish Bullterrier

Developed from working Perro de Toro and Alano Espanol specimens crossed with Irish Bulldogs (1890's), Staffordshire Bull Terriers (1930's) and American Pit Bulls (1970's), the Spanish Bullterrier is a fighter, hunter, guardian, farm dog and a companion, quite rare and still unrecognized as a pure breed. On the verge of extinction, the Perro de Pelea Espanol is being assimilated into the Alano Espanol, Villano Bulldog, Presa Canario and other similar breeds of the region to add tenacity and agility to those dogs, while itself becoming forgotten and sadly allowed to slowly die out. It is rumoured that a small number of dog presented as pure Alanos are actually crosses between the Spanish Bullterrier and the Boxer, but these claims haven't been confirmed.

This broad-chested Molosser of remarkable strength and agility is very friendly with humans, but extremely aggressive towards other dogs, needing firm handling by experienced owners. The body is well-muscled and powerful, with a strong neck and a fairly wide head.

Short-coated and usually with cropped ears and docked tails, these mighty bullies are always brindled, darker dogs being preferred. Some white markings are common. The average height is around 21 inches, but taller dogs can be found as well.

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