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Stryker Dogge

This powerful bully is a fairly new breed, created by Maurice Stryker, who reportedly brought a male Spanish Bulldog puppy back to America on his return from a vacation in Spain in 1998. He later crossed the dog with his AmStaff female, using the resulting litter as a foundation block for the creation of the Stryker Dogge. By introducing carefully selected yellow Labradors and fawn Swinford Bandogges into his programme, Stryker developed a reliable guard dog, with the necessary protection drive, but without the unwanted aggression problems associated with some of the parent breeds of the Stryker Dogge.

Resembling a smaller Alano Espanol, the Stryker Dogge is a well-boned and muscular mastiff. This is a mild-mannered Moloss, playful with children and tolerant of familiar dogs. However, the Stryker Dogge is a territorial and committed watchdog and can sometimes be unfriendly towards strange dogs and people, needing proper socialization and handling. Responsive to obedience training and loving of its master, this lovely breed needs a fair amount of excercise and can get easily bored and destructive when ignored. The body is squarely built, with strong legs and a wide chest. The head is elegantly broad, with fairly large and expressive eyes and a powerful muzzle. The ears are cropped and the tail is docked.

The coat is short, flat and smooth, allowed in solid fawn, wheaten and cream colourings, with an obligatory dark mask on the face and minimal white markings accepted on the chest and paws. Average height is around 23 inches.

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