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Suliot Dog

One of the legendary ancient Molossers, this giant breed was closely associated with the Parga Suliots of Greece. The Suliot Hound is related to other Greek, Albanian, Yugoslavian and Asian breeds, although in appearance it was said to resemble the modern Deutsche Dogge much more than a mountain sheepdog, suggesting the influence of other ancient mastiffs and hounds.

Aggressive, extremely powerful and agile, the Suliot was used for a number of duties, primarily as a guardian, but also as an excellent hunting dog, flock protector and fighting contestant. This almost extinct breed is believed to be one of the ancestors of many European Mastiffs, including the aforementioned Deutsche Dogge. Efforts are ongoing to keep this breed from extinction.

Said to be the largest canine of its time, the Suliot was reportedly over 4 feet tall.

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