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Developed by crossing the Dogo Argentino with American Bulldogs and Mountain Curs, the Tango is primarily a working dog, used for hog hunting, cattle control and guarding property. This is a highly driven breed, best suited for working homes and experienced owners. The Tango Hound is fairly easy to train, but isn't as demonstrative as most working dogs and doesn't respond well to overly firm handling. Loyal and protective, it's a good companion for hunters and farmers. Unfortunately, due to the perpetual inbreeding and selection of white dogs, the breed has a number of health issues, including skin allergies, kidney failure and deafness.

Very strong and athletic, the Tango is a fast and agile worker, seemingly a tireless catch dog and cattle drover. It resembles a slightly heavier Dogo Argentino, having a wider head and broader chest. The tail is docked and the ears can be cropped or left natural.

Its short flat coat is preferred as uniform white, but small dark markings are accepted. Fawn coloured dogs are no longer used for breeding, but make equally good workers. Average height is around 25 inches.

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