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Tennessee Terrier

This breed was actually developed in Europe and the reasons for its name are somewhat unclear. The Tennessean was created by crossing game-bred American Pit Bull Terriers, German Hunting Terriers, English Bullterriers, Jack Russel Terriers and Staffordshire Bull Terriers. Used as a hunting dog, a fighter and a family companion, the Tennessee Terrier is reportedly healthy, resilient and energetic. Playful and obedient, these dogs make amenable pets, but some specimens can be destructive when bored. The Tennessee Jagdterrier is extremely aggressive towards other dogs, needing responsible handling. The body is muscular, stocky and well-proportioned. Most working dogs have their tails docked.

The short coat is fairly coarse and is prefered in uniform black or black-n-tan, although other colourings are common. Average height is 16 inches.

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