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Titan Bulldogge

Not to be confused with the German Titan Terrier, this powerful bully breed was created in the United States by Hector "Nino" Morales and his associates at the beggining of the last decade of the 20th century. The Titan Bulldogge wasn't intented to be yet another re-creation of the original British bull-baiting dogs, but was instead developed as a healthy and functional new working breed. By combining the best qualities of the healthiest American Bulldogs, American Staffordshire Terriers, Olde World Style Bulldogges and Staffordshire Terriers available, the creators of the Titan Bulldogge developed a powerful, resilient and driven working dog, in appearance superficially similar to the English Bulldog. However, unlike the modern English Bulldog breed, the Perro Buldogue Titan is an agile, athletic and healthy Molosser, thanks to the dedication of its developers, who employ regular and rigorous health and temperament testing for their breeding stock. The breed type has been set since 1995 and the dogs are being bred to a written Standard, but in order to ensure a sufficient gene pool for the Titan Bulldogge and avoid potential health issues, occasional outcrossing is still employed, using only the best representatives of the parent breeds. Being a relatively new creation, this handsome bully is still fairly rare and unknown, but is slowly becoming popular among working dog enthusiasts in America and Canada, who value the bulldogges' agility and health as much as their impressive looks.

The Titan Bulldogge is a territorial and alert breed, making an excellent watchdog and a capable property guardian. Its friendly and playful nature make it a good family companion, gentle with children and tolerant of other pets. This is an intelligent worker, reasonably easy to train and control, but the breed needs proper handling and early socialization, due to its protective personality and natural distrust of strangers. Although it isn't a large dog, the Titan Bulldogge is a very strong and powerful Molosser, well-boned and muscular, with a large round head, a square short muzzle and well-developed jaws. The neck is short and wide, moderately wrinkled. The body is broad-shouldered, wide-chested and muscular. The ears are left in their natural state, while the tail can be either docked or unaltered.

The coat is short, dense and flat, allowed in all colours, but preferred in red brindle shades with white markings. Average height is around 20 inches.

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