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Titan Terrier

The Titan Terrier was developed in Germany and Italy from English Bullterriers, American Pit Bulls and Patterdale Terriers. Said to be a healthy, agile and tenacious bulldog, the Titan Terrier might enjoy future popularity. This breed should not be confused with the Italian Bullterrier, with which it shares some appearance similarities. The breeding program looks promising, even though there is still a variety of types to be found, including some specimens with "egg-shaped" heads inherited from the Bullterrier.

Trainable and even-tempered, the Titan Terrier can make an excellent family companion, but early socialization is needed, due to its protective inctincts and unfriendly attitude towards other dogs. The body is strong-boned and muscular, with a powerful neck and head.

The coat is short, flat and smooth. All colours are common for now, but the preferred colouring is dark brindle. The average height is around 21 inches.

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