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Uruguayan Gaucho Dog - Cimarron Uruguayo

The powerful Perro Cimarron is the national breed of Uruguay, a valued worker still used in its homeland for a variety of duties. Descended from European dogs introduced to the area by Portuguese and Spanish conquerors and explorers, the wild Perro Cimarron packs used to terrorize the villagers throughout Uruguay and were regularly hunted and killed. A number of farmers managed to tame and train some puppies, eventualy resulting in very capable all-around working dogs which quickly gained popularity. Careful breeding and further development followed and a standardized and reliable Uruguayan Gaucho Dog was established. The breed proved to be a truly versatile one, even used as a boar hunter, often employed in groups consistings of two Perro Cimarrons and a larger mastiff, usually a Dogo Argentino.

An excellent cattle dog and livestock guardian, the Cimarron Uruguayo also makes a very serious and commited watchdog, patroling the farms for intruders, real or perceived. Fairly independent and quite smart, it accepts all family members, but usually obeys a single master. While the females are said to be quite docile, the male Cimarrons are very territorial and dog-aggressive, sometimes seen in pits in remote rural regions of the country, where dog-fighting is still a common pastime. The Uruguayan Gaucho Dog is a muscular and well-boned Molosser, with a broad chest and strong legs.

There are two colourings allowed for its short thick coat and only solid fawn and brindled dogs are accepted and considered pure. Although not preferred, white markings are allowed on the underjaw, front of the neck, chest and the stomach, as well as on the feet. The average height is around 23 inches.

Breed standard

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