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The Sicilian Vucciriscu is similar to the Cane Corso and the Calabrian Bucciriscu, but it's quite smaller and not as massive. There is also a slight difference in head-type, being less pugnacious in facial features. This is an energetic and agile breed, capable of great speeds. Traditionally used as a butchershop guardian, the powerful Vucciriscu also went under the Cane di Macellaio name. This is a rare breed today, but it can still be found in some rural parts of Sicily, where it's used as a livestock guardian and a very capable watchdog. In recent years, some odd-coloured, taller and more massive dogs have been encountered, but most authorities believe that these aren't pure U Vucciriscu dogs, having been crossed with the Cane Corso, Rottweiler, Boxer and some other breeds.

The Vucciriscu is naturally suspicious of people and dog-aggressive, needing early socializaton and responsible handling. Lean, muscular and well-boned, this working Molosser is a very athletic dog, but isn't very active, preferring to preserve its energy for only the appropriate situations when it reacts swiftly and ferociously. The ears are never cropped, but the tail has traditionally always been docked.

The coat is short and smooth, most commonly seen in red or brindle colourings with a black mask and white markings. Blue, black and black-n-tan specimens are considered unpure. Average height is 24 inches.

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