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Yorkshire Bandogge

Not so much a "new" breed as it is a continuation of the old practice in the English countryside of perpetually refining a working farm bulldogge, the Yorkshire Bandogge is an unrecognized and relatively unknown Molosser variety from Great Britain. While the breeds used to create this rugged worker in the past have been mostly old English bulldogges, English Mastiffs, English Bullmastiffs, English White Terriers, English Staffordshire Bull Terriers and English Bullterriers, the present-day incarnation is consisted of mainly Irish Staffordshire Bull Terrier and American Bulldog blood, with the game-bred English Bullterrier lines still being used in some strains.

The Yorkshire Bandogge is primarily used for controlling rowdy cattle, destroying vermin and occasional hunting duties, but it also makes an excellent property guardian and farm watchdog. It is also employed as a fighting dog in some regions, but its main purpose is that of a reliable and tenacious cattle dog and intimidating guard dog of large rural estates, much like the original bulldogges of England were in the past.


Somewhat stubborn, very energetic and extremely territorial, this breed isn't suited for the life of urban pet, but with proper training, early socialization and responsible handling it can make an amenable rural companion, although its energy levels and sheer drive will require a fair amount of exercise. Males are generally more confrontational, while females are said to be fairly tolerant of other dogs. This is a powerful dog, with a muscular body and a large, broad head. The muzzle is reasonably short, but fully functional and with well-developed jaw muscles. The nose can be black, brown, blue or red. The chest is wide, the back is broad and the legs are fairly long and sturdy.

The coat is short, smooth and flat, coming in a variety of colorings, with the white-based examples being most common and the all-white ones preferred.

Average height is around 23 inches, although smaller dogs exist.

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