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    • I love the marking on this CAS and black is a nice color for a nightime protection dog :)

      Won't see him coming.

      • I was lucky enough to see this guy in the flesh; really beautiful.

        • Wow - lucky indeed. Come Tzar on - lets see those photos and read the story of the visit. :)

          • We visited the kennel during our stay in Turkey; we have never seen a kennel like it before. We drove from Izmir to the kennel; it wasn't a long drive; just over an hour; Haktan the owner of the kennel sent us the location, and it was very easy to find; Google maps works really well in Turkey.

            Firstly, upon arrival, everything is spotless and clean, there is absolutely no doggie smell. The kennel is very well presented.

            The front area has manicured lawns, fencing, offices, a meeting area under a pergola, and the presence of music being pumped out to the gardens; the Haktan was very hospitable, welcoming and generous with his time; he speaks English very well, which is not common in Turkey.

            There is an immunising foot mat, submerged in disinfectant, upon which you have to step, before entering the kennelled area. 

            The staff are attentive and friendly, and liked by the animals. It seems that as soon as any dog droppings happen, these are immediately picked up, and disposed of. All dogs looked healthy, happy, alert and reserved. 

            The care, maintenance, health and training, coupled with the feeding of a good balance diet, to these dogs is very evident. Plenty of fresh water was around too.

            Each individual caged area has an extensive runner area, much larger and longer than most. There is also an undercover area, sheltering the dog from the elements. 

            They also have a 'boarding' kennel for family wishing their animals looked after, whilst they are away.  Similarly each kennel is very generous in space and has CCTV so the owners may view their dog at any time, from anywhere in the world. You get the feeling that your animal will be looked after well. The dogs are also exercised and allowed supervised free time to chill.    

            All in all, we enjoyed out visit to this lovely kennel and our chat with it owner.

            Here are some photos :)

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