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'Florida bill tweaks law putting down ‘dangerous dogs,’ set for more committee stops before vote'

"The legislation primarily focuses on helping ensure compensation for victims of dog attacks, and works to further ensure those attacks don’t happen in the future.

It requires the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to create a statewide “Dangerous Dog Registry” and requires animal control authorities to provide specified information for inclusion in the database.

It additionally mandates the dog owner, who has knowledge of a dog’s dangerous propensities, to “securely confine the dog in a proper enclosure as if the dog had been determined to be dangerous.”

It increases the maximum fine for violations of the dangerous dog statute to $1,000, and repeals an exemption for hunting dogs and revises an exemption for police canines...

Notably, the legislation requires the owner of a declared dangerous dog, after a final order is issued, to obtain liability insurance of at least $100,000 to cover damages from the attack causing injury."


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