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albendazole powder
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albendazole powder

Pure albendazole powder is a small molecule which has a low molecular weight. It shows no cytotoxic effects and low mutagenic potential. The drug is highly protein bound, with less than 10% of total drug located in the circulation. Albendazole has low plasma protein binding (less than 10% of total). The pharmacokinetics of albendazole are linear over its plasma concentration range of 1–8 mg/l.

Albendazole powder can be administered orally or topically in a variety of dosage forms. It can be given as part of a multidrug regimen with other antihelminths such as praziquantel for the treatment of schistosomiasis. The anthelmintic action of albendazole is believed to involve two mechanisms. Albendazole is known to interfere with the synthesis of glycoprotein (the protective component in the worm’s tegument) by inhibiting glycosylation, which in turn causes the worm’s tegument to become weakened and die. Additionally, albendazole has demonstrated direct neurotoxic effects on helminths. It has been shown to inhibit the activity of glutamate-gated chloride channels (GluCl) which are important for the activities of several ion channels. The inhibition of GluCl leads to increased activity of a prominent form of interneurons (the VGCCs). This leads to paralysis, and ultimately death when the worms are removed from the body.

Buy albendazole powder is considered highly efficacious in its topical application, particularly against schistosomiasis. Albendazole is effective in combating the eggs and early larva stages while also being effective in controlling adult worms that are resistant to other anthelminthics.

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